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                      11. 43. He is the master of fate. Only by relying on their own strength, to strive for, it is possible to change their future. Your future destiny is determined by what you do now, in your own hands at all, and others can not. What others can give us is only some help from the outside world, and finally stand up on their own. It is better to blame fate than to reflect on yourself; to rely on others than to strengthen yourself.

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                        highest30. Try to leave the light to others. Don't worry too much about what you have or do n' t, you'll be happier.A man's happiness is not because he has more, but because he cares less.37. There is no cone of earth, and there is always the heart of the four seas.81. Learning is not the whole of life, but what else can you do if you can't conquer it?

                        You're not afraid to die. Why are you afraid to live?

                        3. no one will let me lose unless I don't want to win.50. In adversity, a wise man advances in the face of adversity, and a fool is depressed. Rather than believe in relying on others, it is better to believe in relying on yourself, those seemingly can not reach the future, will become you have experienced a light cloud!88. Once more space is displayed, a brick is thrown down.The pleasure of life depends on how much we care about it.11. Work hard to prove yourself to the world, and once you do, you realize that you don't have to prove anything to others, as long as you can transcend yourself.20. Without enthusiasm there is no progress in the world.To succeed, go crazy first and make up your mind to go ahead!3. can endure loneliness, keep busy!If you want to win, you must not be afraid to lose. Not afraid to lose, the result may not be able to win. But fear of losing, the result must be losing.

                        11. Put an end to the hands-on, learn to grasp the big and small.95. Make your own decisions. then ready to bear the consequences. From the beginning remind yourself that there is no regret medicine in the world.34. Passionateness, with practical and useful knowledge and perseverance, is the quality that often leads to success.75. I am a clumsy learner. I don't have enough geniuses to study hard. Mei Lanfang66. In many cases, unhappiness is not because conditions for happiness are not complete, but because living is not simple enough.Don't ask what others have done for you, but ask what you have done for others.71.If you have a dream, you should be brave enough to chase a lone wolf.Don't be afraid of yourself.How can you cry all the way, but you must n' t be a pussy.100. There is sometimes a short distance between success and failure, but the latter takes a few more steps forward.1. the world only can not think of people, there is no way.Remember that you live not for others, but for yourself.Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.7. duck without mother also grew up, how many white hands also married.7. that small and insignificant feeling, even if all over the body to pretend to be strong.


                        24. With our struggle and dream to raise the sail of youth, when we work hard to shake the slurry, the floodgates of success will slowly open for us again, we will enjoy a beautiful youth, harvest a joy of success.7. the Chinese want to do big things too many people, and willing to do small things perfect too few people.82. I am proud of your performance today.100. Failure and frustration are not terrible. What is terrible is the loss of self-confidence and the loss of internal motivation that inspires us to be positive. Let us regain confidence, always firmly believe: life ship by our own steering, as long as the self-confident sail, can overcome the wind and waves, to reach the other side of the beautiful.44. Don't sigh for the lost years. Face up to the time you want to slip away.38. Not afraid of others look down on, only afraid of their own do not fight!{静态_随机英句13. A difficult problem in life is how to make an inch of time equal to an inch of life.5. I succeed because I aim to succeed!7. a man can succeed in almost anything he has boundless enthusiasm for.Be kind to people you hate, because you might work for someone like that one day.

                        37.Life in the joys and sorrows between stop and stop, do not know what will meet, only know the sun so good, do not live up to today.99. Confidence is like a pair of glasses, nearsighted open the bright road; confidence is like a computer to help ignorant people broaden their horizons; confidence is like a learning machine, help poor students improve their grades;66. If the other day then Ling Yunzhi, dare to laugh Huang Chao not husband.31. Books are a treasure trove of knowledge; they are a ladder of progress; they are high-quality human nutrition. We can learn by reading a lot of knowledge, so as to improve their talents and make themselves smart.Sometimes God doesn't give you what you want, not because you do n' t deserve it, but because you deserve better.7. I'm not a natural king, I have blood in my bones.81.I hate to do nothing but expect myself!

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                      12. 01When you are honest with yourself, no one in the world can deceive you.
                      13. 0254. Fate is in its own hands, and the good or bad of it is created by itself.
                      14. 0320. Take a deep look at your heart and discover that all the miracles are in you. bacon
                      15. 0447. Would rather run up and be mixed up countless times, rather than walk a lifetime, even if fall also want heroic smile.
                      16. 0586. The most promising winners are those who are not talented but those who are best placed to exploit every opportunity. Socrates
                      17. 0622. The best part of life is not the moment of realizing a dream, but the process of persisting in it.
                      18. 0758. Want to be different, but always at ease, want to do a lot of things not done, but in the reality of the thorny eating and drinking Lazar before the head down, we intermittent hot blood full, long time confused lazy, don't wait, try again.
                      19. 0872. Poor thinking change, poor thinking hard! There are no mountains higher than men and no roads longer than feet.
                      20. 0955. Water does not rot, households do not bark, people's livelihood in the diligent.
                      21. 106. money and status can not represent personality, sincerity and faith is.
                      22. 1167. No one will pay for your future, and you either try to climb up or rot in the bottom of society, which is life.
                      23. 12A long journey 4. begins with a single step.
                      24. 13There is only one type of failure, that is, to give up halfway.
                      25. 14Competition is like playing tennis. Playing with your opponent is better than playing tennis.
                      26. 154. it happens, whether you're worried or not. Go forward, look forward, life is so simple. Every strong person, there is a soft heart, the mentality, gentle self-follow, cry to themselves, laugh to others, this is the so-called life.
                      27. 1681. Those who walk only on concrete ground will never leave deep footprints.
                      28. 17Happiness should come by chance, not by much. It's like drinking a cup of iced wheat tea when you' re thirsty, rather than having a full table when you eat it.
                      29. 1854.Life is like a red iron bar. It takes a lot of hard work to go well.
                      30. 19If you want to get it, you get it. All you have to do is act.
                      31. 2027. The goal of success is an incentive to move us forward. Don't be fascinated by the fog in front of the eyes, even if there is no big difficulty, it is also a temporary obstacle, with an optimistic attitude success is behind the fog.
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                      33. 0169. The seeds, bearing in mind the advice of the raindrop's devotion, strengthened their courage to take the plunge.
                      34. 02Very classic inspirational quotes
                      35. 0326. If you want to achieve your goals, you have to paint a picture in your heart of what you have achieved; then dreams will come true. Richard Daniels, contemporary British motivational maste
                      36. 0485. Feel that you can do and do not do, in fact, only in one mind.
                      37. 0564. In life there is only the joy of curve forward, not the success of straight rise. Only cherish today, there will be a better tomorrow; only grasp today, there will be a more brilliant tomorrow!
                      38. 0672. Do not abandon, do not abandon the company commander Gao Cheng.
                      39. 0713. If you don't want to do something, do n' t want to get anywhere in the world.
                      40. 0810. There is no end to struggle, and every time is a starting point.
                      41. 0924. Tired? Tired is right, comfortable is left to the dead!
                      42. 1080. Heart with the moon high, ambition and autumn frost clean.
                      43. 11No matter when you end, it is important not to regret after the end.
                      44. 12A famous saying that inspires you to learn
                      45. 1382. A drop of water is not a force but a depth of effort.
                      46. 1438. Having a dream is just an intelligence, and realizing it is an ability.
                      47. 1552. Take history as a lesson and create the future.
                      48. 1621. The more one experiences, the more one thinks. The more excellent the harder, the root cause of this phenomenon is that good people can always see better than themselves, and mediocre people can always see worse than themselves. When you really try, you'll find yourself a lot better than you thought. Remember one sentence: the harder, the luckier!
                      49. 1766. A distress does not panic, but a change of heart is finer.
                      50. 1870. Life is cruel, and it teaches you how to appreciate silence by using sadness, by using noise, by using detours to remind you that there is still a path ahead.
                      51. 19The winner is wise and the winner is strong. It is not that success is too far from us, but that we insist too little.
                      52. 2048. Do not worry about a vague future, but work for a clear present.
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