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          11. 26.Life is meant to be, and we are not meant to be.

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            should10. Goals are not always achievable, but they can serve as points of sight.40. Strong faith wins strong people and then makes them stronger.It's not someone who bothers me, it's someone's words and deeds that bother me.66. Ask not what others have done for you, but what you have done for others.

            60. It is not circumstances that make people, but situations that are made by man.

            16. Success is guaranteed only by turning the mood of complaining about the environment into a force of progress. Roman Roland11. Any qualitative change in performance results from the accumulation of quantitative changes.89. In our world, we never give a medal to a sad laggard.31. The lamp of life is lit by passion, and the boat of life moves forward by struggle.16. Can fail. Can cry. But you can't lose your courage and confidence.44. A weak man is difficult, but a brave man is able to cut through the thorns; a fool laments with a voice, but a wise man has thousands of paths.25. The belief that faith can prevail over everything is in itself the greatest belief.7. people live, not to remember yesterday, but to look forward to tomorrow, waiting for hope. Now that we are alive, we must be calm, bent down and raised our heads. Live self-confidence, live with dignity, live steady, live taste natural, live extraordinary temperament. Live can be noted, live poetic romantic, live easy and gentle, live happy and healthy, live the significance of extraordinary.73. Fairy tales say there will be a rainbow after the rain but never say that it will be empty.

            The power of love is so great that one can forget everything, but so small that one can not hold a grain of jealous sand.Don't forget to look up and go on.98. Patience is superior to brains.istheabilitytogofromonefailuretoanotherwithnolossofenthusiasm. success is that you don't lose enthusiasm, even if you step over one slip after another.If life is wrong, stop is progress.88. Learning is to improve life, the pursuit of excellence in self, success will come to the unexpected.41. Don't be angry, do n' t be angry, don't be broken, do n' t be jealous, appreciate, don't procrastinate, be positive, do n' t be excited.77. Live with the common mind, treat others with shame, do things with the heart, and use the bodhi the bodhi mind.75. If failure is an experience of life, it will lead us to maturity; if a person's maturity, must go through the vicissitudes of life, vicissitudes can become a strange beauty.5. nothing can stop what you want to do, only your own heart.119. The road is long, and I will not stop pursuing it. Qu Qu Yuan7. because of regret, so put on the moon; because of dreams, so desperate.35. Nothing is difficult in the world, as long as you are willing to climb.


            12. When you were born, you cried, the people around you laughed; at the end of life, you laughed, and the people around you were crying.14. Ideas change action, actions change habits, habits change character, character changes destiny.People live to solve difficulties. This is the meaning of life, but also the content of life. Escape is not the way, knowing is often the best way to solve the problem.26. Strike and frustration are stepping stones to success, not stumbling blocks.45. A person should not influence another person with his own experience and opinions, and he is not you and you are not him. Everyone's growth process is different, the ups and downs of life should be their own taste, try is life.41. The greatest reason for a person's failure is that he or she is never fully trusted in his or her abilities and even believes that he or she will fail.{静态_随机英句46. If you don't walk, you ca n' t go up the fence; if you don't walk, you ca n' t go up the mountain.49. The past is not the future; there is no failure, only a temporary halt to success; and more action is taken.25. Don't blame yourself for being frivolous. It's the brightest sign of youth. Don't inferior to your own shallow, after years of grinding, you will get full of wisdom and experience.61. The vastness of life is not a matter of speculation with the right person, but of leisurely dealing with the unbearable.

            45. Take life seriously and be lively.95. The true strong are not those who shed tears, but those who run in tears.18. Bamboo shoots, although tender, but it is not afraid of heavy pressure, dare to struggle, dare to rise.76. Work hard and you will have what you want now.90. Even the most hopeless thing, as long as there is a brave man to persist in doing, will eventually have hope.68. No matter how long the road, step by step can be completed, no matter how short the road, without feet can not reach.As long as you are a swan egg, it doesn't matter if you are born in a chicken farm.

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          12. 013. activists believe that only by pushing themselves can the world be pushed, and by pushing themselves.
          13. 0253. Believe that life is good, believe that life is full of hope, understand that people are more important than money, money can solve the problem is not a problem.
          14. 0368. No matter how steep the mountains are, there is always a way to climb for those who do not fear hardship.
          15. 04Genius is a strong interest and a strong obsession. Tong Chiu
          16. 0535. A man without ambition is like a blind man who is lost.
          17. 0625. The direction of the headwind is more suitable for flying.
          18. 074. the world does not belong to you, so you do not have to abandon, to abandon all the persistence. All things are for, but not for me.
          19. 0895. When you think you are doing your best, it is often the starting point for others.
          20. 0965. Efforts do not necessarily succeed, but giving up certain failures only those who learn how to stop understand acceleration.
          21. 1022. When you put hope on others, you will choose to wait, when you put hope on yourself, you will choose to run!
          22. 1151. A prerequisite for inner strength is to look at the gains and losses of things outside.
          23. 1254. The spring water of the mountain stream went through twists and turns before singing a wonderful song.
          24. 1399.There are some roads, and you won't know how beautiful the scenery is.
          25. 146. is at a low point, all the way up.
          26. 1553. To be able to give love is to be blessed, to be able to eliminate trouble is to be wise.
          27. 1643. Reading is not early, but later repentance. Song of the Early Songs of the Qing Dynasty
          28. 17Make yourself a better motivational phrase
          29. 1827.You think you can do it and repeat it to yourself every day.
          30. 19Successful people do what others do not want to do, do what others dare to do, do what others can not do!
          31. 20Don't trust others too much, even your shadow will leave you in the dark.
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          34. 0213. Without saliva and sweat, there would be no tears of success.
          35. 0375. Without the courage to break out of the ground and fight the snow, the future of the seed is no better than that of the fallen leaves.
          36. 0471. It is not circumstances that make make a person, but the circumstances that man.
          37. 0578. Time is a master of healing, but not a master of problem solving.
          38. 0687. The rudder of destiny is struggle. Don't have a little fantasy, do n' t give up a little chance, don't stop a day of effort.
          39. 0753. Although the bamboo shoots are tender, they are not afraid of heavy pressure, dare to struggle, dare to rise to the point.
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          41. 0959. If you don't stand, if you do n' t have a rudder or a horse without a title, you'll drift away.
          42. 1053. Never be intimidated by the clouds, as long as we believe in ourselves, as long as we dare to accept the challenge, our hearts will be smelted, and our way forward will not always be dark.
          43. 11Is I dead? No, so I can't live like dead.
          44. 12Life always makes us all bruised, but later on, those injured places will surely become our strongest.
          45. 1322. Without double diligence, there is neither talent nor genius. Mendeleev
          46. 1490. Man is neither an angel nor an animal; but misfortune lies in the appearance of an angel as an animal.
          47. 1582. We always dream of a wonderful rose garden in the sky, instead of appreciating the roses that are open in our window today.
          48. 1674. Silence is more socially useful than insincere words. Montaigne
          49. 1752. If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.
          50. 1850. Money loss of money can be recovered, and the loss of credibility is hard to recover.
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          52. 2057. The only way to be happy is to cherish what you have and forget what you don't.
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