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      11. 148. Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.

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        which79. The waves are farewells for shipwrecking waves and burials for light boats drifting with the waves.44. Keep in mind that every day is the best day of the year.90. The path of life is shaped by the heart. So, no matter how harsh circumstances you are, you shouldn't be haunted by pessimism.56. Where there is a will, there is a thousand things to do.

        36. In the river of sweat, the strivers sail the boat of the cause to the other side of the ideal.

        :>>100 positive energy sentences25. Indulging one's desires is the greatest evil; talking about the privacy of others is the greatest evil; ignorance of one's own fault is the greatest pain. AristotleYou must walk to school by yourself.44. Regret is a spirit-consuming emotion. Regret is a greater loss than a loss, a greater mistake than a mistake, so don't regret it. But remember to reflect22. A cup of tea, Buddhism is to see Zen, Taoism is to see Qi, Confucianism is to see ritual.53. Some people are running, some are sleeping, some are grateful, some are complaining, some are not sleeping with a goal, and those without a goal are not awake.52. I want to fly, with my soul, with my dream, with my past, with my youth, fly to that distant corner. Fly to the deserted Taklimakan desert. Fly to the ancient Egyptian pyramids. Fly to the ruins of the ancient Babylon garden. Fly into the choppy Yellow River water.76. Keep corals away from rough erosion? It's like burying their beauty.85. Only struggle will bear fruit.

        72. Those who have aspirations compete for success; those who have pains do not live up to it.47. To be a man is to suffer.35. Without wind and waves, there is no dare to make waves; there is no thorn, and there is no unyielding pioneer.95. Happiness is really simple: someone loves; something to do; something to expect.28. If the heart is trapped, the world is full of cages; where the heart is secure, the low chamber is also heaven on earth. If the mind of the distractions, such as greed, hatred, love and hate all left behind, the world will naturally clarify the empty, life is as clear as the clear breeze bright moon, is the so-called one thought, all at ease.Books, like friends, must be carefully chosen. Hades5. the distance between success and failure is sometimes very short as long as the latter takes a few steps forward.85. No matter how you feel, don't let yourself decadent, every day from head to foot to be clean and decent, to be a woman who lives fine without makeup, to always smile.A thousand men are no better than one man.29. Only victory can survive, only success has a price, only hard work has a harvest. Anonymous51. Time tells me that it is time to be sensible that the age of making trouble is over.54. You have much more fun in your hopes than in your future.Why don't you try hard when the person you like is so good.


        55. Keep your face in the sun so that you don't see shadows.33. Look at a person's mind, look at his eyes; look at a person's worth, look at his opponent; look at a person's cards, look at his friends.53. In real life, every great undertaking begins with faith and begins with it.100. Improve the quality of our lives in the time we can control and fight.73. Open the net of your good hopes and pursuits, and nine hundred and ninety-nine times, and a thousand times.{静态_随机英句44. Do not die, nor live alone.64. Spiritual accomplishment determines everything.83. What is the difference between a greeting and a monkey's shouting? In fact, the right pleasantries must clearly show you and his concern in a short sentence.5. see others not eye, is their self-cultivation is not enough.

        58. If you don't work hard, you' ll be the same one year later, just one year old.Believe it, there will always be one who belongs to himself.Don't forget the distance you decided to reach for just one setback.25. As long as the mood is clear, no rainy day in life.Difficulty is like a spring. If you are weak, it is strong.88. Once more space is displayed, a brick is thrown down.55. Ten years later, all the sadness was served with wine.

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      12. 013. no matter when you end, it is important not to regret after the end.
      13. 0279. Deep down in your heart, there is an infinite potential, and one day when you look back, you will know that it is absolutely true.
      14. 0369. Whenever you start, it is important not to stop after the start.
      15. 0472. If you really choose to do one thing, the whole world will help you.
      16. 0511. The belief that faith can overcome everything is in itself the greatest belief.
      17. 06Never mind today, at least you have tomorrow.
      18. 0724. The world is supported not only by wisdom but also by reward.
      19. 0825. There will be great sorrow for those who have great joy, and great loneliness for those who have great success.
      20. 09:>> motivate yourself to work hard
      21. 1096. When we encounter difficulties, we must overcome them with confidence and overcome ourselves.
      22. 1124. If you work harder than others, you will have one more achievement; if you have one more ambition than others, you will have one more contribution; if you persist a little more than others, you will win; if you persist a little more than others, you will work miracles.
      23. 12108. It is only for a moment that one's life, and the whole fate, is determined. Goethe
      24. 1331. Give yourself a smile in the morning and plant the sunshine of the day.
      25. 1458. There are mountains and roads, and rivers.
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      27. 1665. The first youth is given by God; the second youth is by oneself.
      28. 1723. Life is beautiful for some people who struggle for something all their lives.
      29. 1846. Poverty does not require planning, but wealth requires careful planning and practice.
      30. 19Work between the four seasons, harvest dream June!
      31. 20When you are happy, life is good, when someone is happy for you, life is the best.
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      33. 0167. Because no, never worry about losing; because want, will worry about gain and loss.
      34. 02Never put yourself in a position in someone else's life where you are not sure of yourself; do n' t worry too much about the vague future, just work hard for the clear present.
      35. 037. the world doesn't care about your self-esteem, it requires you to achieve something before you feel good about yourself.
      36. 0459. In just a few decades, it is important to prove yourself, not to please others.
      37. 0584. The slowest man walks faster than the aimless, if he does not lose his purpose.
      38. 06personintheworldmusthavehisownbusiness,nomatterbigorsmall.Onlywithrecognitionfromthesocietycanyourlifeismeaningful. life always have to make a career, whether the career is big or small, always let the community recognize your value is not worth living.
      39. 0727. Only creation is true enjoyment, and only struggle is full life.
      40. 0894. Life is like a palm print, which, though intricate, is always in its own hands.
      41. 0960. Difficulties inspire the strength to move forward; setbacks, hone the courage to struggle; failure, show the direction of success.
      42. 1072. The cruel reality requires you to fight and you to fight.
      43. 1163. In many cases, we fall not on our own defects, but on our own strengths, because they often remind us, and they often make us forget.
      44. 1266 person, if not for their dreams to start a business, will certainly work for the dreams of others! The biggest failure of a person's life, not fall, but never dare to run, do not have the courage to pay action to achieve their dreams!
      45. 13Life is like a journey, and I am a pedestrian.
      46. 1451. Happiness can only be doubled if you know how to share it.
      47. 15This is life, you don't want to change it, then it will change you.
      48. 1686. Pride is the enemy of victory, and effort is the friend of success.
      49. 17I succeed because I aim to succeed!
      50. 1899. The first condition for success is determination, which must be quick, decisive and confident.
      51. 1913. The speed of leadership determines the efficiency of the team.
      52. 209. never say defeat, is the best character of the successful.
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