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          11. 80. Don't be afraid of trouble, do what you want to do, life is ruthless, when you are afraid of failure, success will only be farther and farther away from you. The world will help you when you fail on your fearless path! Morning!

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            will84. Do not hide tears and vulnerability. The strongest people, always peaceful with them.37. Each of us has a key to self-study: ideals, diligence, perseverance, modesty and scientific methods. Hua Lu GengMan, the greatest enemy is himself.45. Winners often succeed in the last five minutes. Newton

            85. The stage of life can be opened at any time, the key is whether you are willing to perform or choose to avoid.

            61. Courage does not mean that fear does not exist, but rather that fear is overcome in the face of fear.42. Every successful person has a beginning, and the courage to start can find the way to success.1. people who don't believe in miracles never do miracles.Learning to seek in pain, art in practice. Not afraid of learning shallow, afraid of short ambition.41. Confidence, effort, success; confidence, effort, success.92. To live in this world is to be attacked. If you want to fall in love, you'll get hurt.48. The best way to predict the future was to create it.68. Ambition is the gateway to a career, and work is the gateway to a home.64. Only through hell can the power to create heaven be forged. Iench my fist I am the king, clench my teeth I will be worthy of life; I will climb the steps of the ivory tower, by my own efforts rather than the shadow of my ancestors; I will grasp the throat of fate, by hard sharing rather than the so-called honor; the strong should be for me, the hero dare to here; passion to cast dreams, will be able to do; I can! I can! I can do it!

            Don't be afraid to fall, hit a wall, or fail. Young makes you brave.84. Only creation is true enjoyment, and only struggle is full life.70. Because you still have a lot of tomorrow, a lot of dreams, so today need to work harder, have dreams of people, with enough efforts of the present, in exchange for the heart of the yearning for the future!52. If we want more roses, we must grow more roses.80. Ambition is everywhere.99. The establishment of great things in life is not known, but can be done.82. It is better to read ten years' books than to speak with you overnight.17.A man has no worries, but he has no worries.57. The slowest person walks faster than the aimless, if he does not lose his purpose.87. A man who knows nothing has to say, but a man who knows nothing has no friends. Don't be cruel, but be cruel. Respect does not need to be humble, humble is less bone.37. The first youth is given by God; the second youth is made by oneself.69. Life is like riding a bicycle. If you want to keep your balance, you have to go forward.59. Sometimes, aggrieved, originally do not want to cry, but as long as others ask you what, can not help but shed tears.


            6. the rest of your life is very expensive, try to live as you want to look, wish you can wear sports shoes masturbate iron sweat like rain, but also can wear high heels Xiao sprinkle beautiful as flowers, not youth, not their own. For the future to be beautiful, now must be bitter.87. A good day brings a good night's sleep; a good life brings a happy long sleep.A strong man regards difficulties as his friend and a weak man as his enemy. Don't just see other people's fame, but also see other people's ten years of cold window. Without the cold silence of ten years' cold window, there would be no glory of fame. Nails that are easily nailed in are easily pulled out. When sleepy think more difficult things, when difficult think more difficult people.55. Retreat pen such as the mountain from the foot of the treasure, reading ten thousand volumes before God. -- Su Shi79. I don't want things three years from now.23. Let's change our prior worries into prior thinking and planning.{静态_随机英句Time :2019-08-0423:32 Source: Click: Numbe24. Most people tend to beat their breasts at lost opportunities and turn a blind eye to immediate opportunities.Don't be afraid to pick roses for fear of being stabbed by them.37.You can never satisfy everyone's appetite, and a wise man guides them to their own senses, not to others.

            89. If you ask God for help, show that you believe in God's power; if God does not help you, show that God believes in your power.71. How do you know you can't if you do n' t push yourself.62. Sometimes the question is complex and the answer is simple. Play with life, don't be too serious, anyway, no one can live to leave the game. Life is like a stage, without the curtain call, never know how wonderful they are.42. A horse is soft and easy to lose its hoofs.64. It hurts to taste courage and cocoon. Broken boat, round golden June dream.56. Don't bring your troubles because of the foolishness of sentient beings. Don't hurt yourself because of the ignorance of sentient beings.26. Optimism is a success in itself. Behind the clouds were still bright sunny days.

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          12. 0111. Time is the best way to dissolve everything. Some things are often more excuse more and more unclear, let time to solve it.
          13. 02Brave people are not born, you need to go through a lot of trials. But whether you can be brave in the process of tempering depends on your determination.
          14. 0383. The loose strings never play the strong sound of the times.
          15. 0429. The only constant word in the world is change.
          16. 0581. Life is so beautiful. It is recommended that you take more deep breaths and experience the freshness of the air and the beauty of things. When I drink water, I always think that this is perhaps the most delicious water I have drunk, always to maintain a love, learn to appreciate beauty, only love and beauty is the hometown of the soul.
          17. 0672. When is the closest closest! That's when you think the darkness is too dark.
          18. 0789. The winds and waves of the most capable navigators are always particularly high.
          19. 0820. The foundation of success depends on people's psychological qualities, attitudes and aptitude. In addition to these also have high ambition and the goal of dedicated perseverance. Especially the spirit of focusing on one is more conducive to helping others succeed.
          20. 0947.The thing to learn is to exercise, but not to practice.
          21. 1075. Try your best and hope for the worst.
          22. 1149. No matter how long the road, step by step can also be completed, no matter how short the road, without feet can not reach.
          23. 1243. The power of love is so great that one can forget everything, but so small that one can not hold a stone of envy.
          24. 1342. Face the past with minimal remorse. face the present with minimal waste. Face the future with the most dreams.
          25. 1490. As long as the target moves forward, you can go anywhere.
          26. 15A short list of inspirational quotes
          27. 1657. There is a kind of understanding called treasure, there is a romantic called plain, there is a kind of happiness called simple.
          28. 1726. Deep down in your heart, there is an infinite potential, and one day when you look back, you will know that it is absolutely true.
          29. 1828. Even if the road is not open, but also to be their own sun!
          30. 1945. To win is worthy, to lose without regret.
          31. 20Life is very simple. Today is tomorrow.
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          33. 01The secret of happiness is not to do what you like, but to like what you do.
          34. 0253. Opportunities do not come to you voluntarily; you must show yourself.
          35. 0324. There are two things to do in life: to be grateful and to be married. Is the foundation of career success.
          36. 04118. The attentive see an opportunity in every distress, while the negative see a certain distress in every opportunity.
          37. 0596. In the long and arduous journey of life, if people want to realize their ideals and career, they must take every step of their own life, and they must understand the experience and wisdom of the successful. Happiness and happiness exist in the process of their own struggle against difficulties, is not a compromise to difficulties. Giving up on yourself is giving up everything.
          38. 0632. Time is like water in a sponge. It is always there if you want to squeeze. Lu Xun
          39. 074. the world does not belong to you, so you do not have to abandon, to abandon all the persistence. All things are for, but not for me.
          40. 0851. Wisdom comes from diligence, and genius from accumulation. Hua Lu Geng
          41. 0989. A man knows his enemy and never loses his battle. (Art of War, Sun Tzu)
          42. 108. you are a capable and clever child, is too wayward! After correction, the teacher will like you more!
          43. 1150. Youth is a period of learning wisdom and middle age is a period of practice. Rousseau
          44. 1277. Success must be faster than parents' old age.
          45. 1336. Competence is both ability and endurance. Those who have no ability can not do things, those who have no patience can not do things! Planting ability does not necessarily result; planting patience often leads to unexpected gains. Ability is exercised, patience is tempered. Ability and patience complement each other. Incompetence is cowardice. Incompetence is a danger.
          46. 14Your parents are still fighting for you, that's why you have to work hard.
          47. 1528. Only when the entire population is involved in management can the fight against staff doctrine be waged thoroughly and bureaucracy overcome completely.
          48. 1694. In order to be worthy, one must suffer later.
          49. 17The more you are rejected, the faster you grow; the more you learn, the more you succeed.
          50. 181. think carefully before you make a decision. Once you make a decision, go ahead and stick to it.
          51. 1966. Only in boiling water can tea develop a strong aroma of life.
          52. 2095. Regret is a spirit-consuming emotion. Regret is a greater loss than loss, a greater mistake than mistake, so don't regret it.
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