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          11. 41. Those who sow in tears will surely reap in laughter.

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            exchangeSeriousness is the secret of success, and carelessness is the partner of failure.After the baptism of fire mud will also have a strong body.61. Before everything gets better, we have to go through some unhappy days, which may be long, or just wake up. Morning!100. Having a dream is just an intelligence, and realizing it is an ability.

            86. If anyone loves us, we must try to be a lovely person. Do not blame who, do not laugh at who, also do not envy who, bright under the sun, running in the wind and rain, do their own dreams, walk their own way.

            90. The quickest and surest way to conquer fear and build self-confidence is to do what you fear until you have a successful experience.2. life is pain, it is thought and philosophy that makes it rise.41. What has been lost has never really belonged to you, there is no need to regret it.2. can come to an end no matter how far, no matter how deep the pain, there will be an end to the day. Carrying the hope of tomorrow, in every painful and happy day, can go stronger; with the dream of the future, in every ordinary and not plain day, will laugh more brilliant. As long as you don't give up, nothing can make you back down; as long as you are strong enough, nothing can bring you down.86. Learning hard today, the Ming Dynasty leap dragon gate.31. The environment will not change, and the solution is to change yourself.90. Efforts to build strength determine attitude determines height.100 motivational quotes

            12. No education can afford adversity.36. From time to time, all achievements and achievements towards mankind are the result of hard work and down-to-earth. Money Three86. Learn easily, live easily and be a confident child.95. Dream is destined to travel alone, the road without doubt and ridicule, but then, even if all the bruises to live beautiful.48. Selflessly passing on one's best character and skill to those who need it is a virtue that lasts more than any wealth.35. How can you spare your hands to hug the present if you hold the past too tightly?We are always too polite to strangers and too harsh to close people.81. Intellectuals have a habit of thinking clearly. Willpower is the result of sustained action that automatically sets clear goals. Honest and hard work requires clear goal guidance to succeed. Without clear goals, life will be mediocre. A firm goal is the first principle of success.88. Strong faith wins strong people and then makes them stronger.People who don't know what to do tomorrow are unlucky!24. There is no destiny that can be conquered without contempt for endurance and struggle.27. If the heart is strong, life will have strength; if the heart has a home, the day will be sweet; if the heart with the fate, there will be no trouble; if the heart is detached, will be indifferent; if the heart is grateful, happiness will come; if the heart has Zen, life will open up.90. When you see through everything, you know that losing is more practical than having.


            56. The prime of life no longer comes, a day is hard to morning again, timely when encouragement, years do not wait for people. Tao Yuanming37. It is the eternal truth that giving is rewarded, and few have broken through it since ancient times. However, if someone can go beyond its limits and give without asking for return, then he will certainly get more.57. The determination of goals is one of the most necessary sources of strength in character and one of the tools for success. Without it, genius would be in vain in a paradoxical maze.65. It has been said that as big as the heart is, so big is the stage. As long as we think about it, say to ourselves, I can, I will. Dare to face their own shortcomings, beyond their own pattern, bear the failure, absorb mistakes, start again. If you fail, never recover, then you can only sigh, regret life.66. Life only experienced ups and downs, only to understand the taste of the world, so must learn to cherish life and cherish feelings.7. loneliness should actually be an open heart deep at the beginning of the most beautiful flower, rooted in the lonely soil, self-growth, self-research.{静态_随机英句Aphorisms of English inspirational quotesTen years ago, people around you treated you according to your parents' income. Ten years later, the people around you will treat your parents according to your income. This is human nature and life, there is no choice but to work hard. Remember: children without umbrellas, must try to run!55. Master leads the way, learning skills in themselves.39. Parents give that call background, their own call Jiangshan.

            3. quiet down, cast my strength; spell up, bright my demeanor.149. I am insignificant to the world, but to myself I am all.78. Changing oneself is painful, but not changing oneself is suffering.40. For an immature teenager, bad partners have a much greater impact than good teachers.51. Self-confident people, understand the natural I will be useful truth, relying on the confidence to win, in the hard fight, sail to the other side of success.83. Where you fall, where you rise.40. When I was young, I noticed that nine out of ten things I did were unsuccessful, so I tried ten times harder.

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          12. 0155. Without the courage to break the ground and fight the snow, the future of the seed is no better than that of the fallen leaves.
          13. 0221. As long as efforts and pursuits are not abandoned, grass also has the value of embellishing spring.
          14. 03The mountain peak is low and the road is stretched from the foot.
          15. 0425. The determination of goals is one of the most necessary sources of strength in character and one of the tools for success. Without it, genius would be in vain in a paradoxical maze.
          16. 0598. How much thought, how much energy.
          17. 0671. Don't give without the best reward, and do n' t start without the perfect result.
          18. 0763.You are a responsible child and your life will be bright as a result!
          19. 08Have a selfless love, then have everything.
          20. 0915. Confidence breeds confidence, moving from victory to victory.
          21. 1018. The character of the sea waves is that they are crushed by the rocks and thrown at them.
          22. 1195. Definition of failure: Do everything, do everything, never finish it, never do it better.
          23. 123. handshake is not necessarily friendship, blame is not necessarily hostile.
          24. 1338. As long as the road is right, it is not afraid to go far.
          25. 1422. It is not today but yesterday's attitude towards life that determines today; it is not tomorrow that determines tomorrow, but today's actions towards the cause. Our today is determined by the past and our tomorrow by today!
          26. 15It is good to be diligent to make up for clumsiness. Hua Lu Geng
          27. 16100. All happiness is not without trouble, and all adversity is by no means hopeless. bacon
          28. 1764. Since the choice of distance, doomed to both wind and rain.
          29. 1882. A drop of water is not a force but a depth of effort.
          30. 1934. It is not difficult to make a decision, but it is difficult to put it into action and stick to it.
          31. 20The road is under my feet, no one can decide my direction.
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          34. 0279. If you don't want to do something, do n' t want to get anywhere in the world.
          35. 03Don't aim for success if you want it. Just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.
          36. 04It's easy to find if you know what you're looking for.
          37. 05125. No matter how far the road is, it is near to walk; no matter how high the mountain is, it is up to climb; no matter how difficult it is, it is easy to do it. The energy of each repetition is not added together, but multiplied, and the water drop stone piercing is not the power of water, but the power of repetition and persistence. The way to success is to insist!
          38. 0651. People are most afraid of not efforts to no results, but have not tried to choose to give up. Think a thousand times, better to do once, you don't force yourself, how can you know how good they are. Instead of complaining, change. If you don't grow, who will be strong for you.
          39. 0795. Winners often have a plan, while losers often have a pretext.
          40. 08A man's happiness is not because he has more, but because he cares less.
          41. 0984. The process of progress and growth always has many difficulties and frustrations. Sometimes we don't do anything because we do n' t have a clear purpose. But there is another situation, because of our own retreat, and their intimate compromise did not adhere to the will to the end, so that the opportunity passed away, nothing.
          42. 10We have nothing because we are young, and we have everything because we are young.
          43. 11Once lost everything for him, now pick up everything for himself.
          44. 12Please don't let go of your dream sooner or later it will shine in your hand.
          45. 1334. Good-bye, perhaps never see, my inner stubborn pursuit, only I can see, but I hope I am right.
          46. 1446. Be gentle, but not compromise. We're gon na be strong in silence.
          47. 1536. Spend more time growing up and less time blaming others for envy.
          48. 1650. Frequent success in learning may lead to greater interest in learning and improve students' self-concept as learning.
          49. 1713. A person can reach his or her greatest potential only when he or she is fully committed.
          50. 1838. Everyone will be tired, no one can bear all the sorrow for you, people have a time to learn to grow up.
          51. 1938. Even if you miss open in the water beautiful daffodils, do not forget the valley in the lonely corner deep, wild lily also has its own spring!
          52. 2026. We have nothing but youth. Dream makes me different, struggle makes me change my destiny!
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